It all started with a big band

Remember that one time  In band camp  you discovered a band so awesome you wanted to keep it all to yourself – yeah I do too, but today I decided to stop being selfish and share some of these hidden jams with the world.

My absolute favourite music to chill too and every wanderlusters’ ultimate EP is Something Positive by Jack and the Weatherman . This insanely talented duo from Netherlands have combined groovy reggae rhythms with motivational philosophy that will not only help you through a gloomy day but also inspire you to get up and chase your dreams no matter what they are , because we all need that little remainder at the times when existential crisis kicks-in.

So with no further adieu grab a drink , roll one and lie down on the floor (yeah the floor) and enjoy :

So ? Have you already played the album on replay for 100 times ? Yeah , I know its easy to fall down the rabbit hole , unfortunately seeing them live is a bit tricky as they are mostly touring round Netherlands but if you find yourself in Haarlem on 24th September definitely check them out. I mean its the Netherlands with all its perks in addition to great music – what can be better ?

Sorry for the new addiction and don’t forget to check in next week for a new jam of the week.